Quadrilateral Venn Diagram

My students keep referring back to this ever since we did it a little while ago and probably what led to much success on the test covering this chapter. (I saw kids draw it out on the back of their test!). As they are getting ready for finals this week, I am sure many of them are looking back at this so I figured you might want to see it too. It is nothing fancy but I see similar ones in textbooks. When students get to create it on their own, they actually remember it better!

Section 6.4 Venn Diagram


A cool Algebra II Quadratic Test Question

As I am grading my quadratic tests for my algebra II class I thought this was a really awesome question I made so I figured I would throw it on here. I originally had different symbols but then I was afraid Greek letters would scare my lower level class so I changed it to random fun shapes. The question said the following:

Ruin Equation

(I have no clue how to change to the wingdings font on WordPress so you get a picture instead)

So many of my students came up either asking me what to do (which I replied: you have the knowledge to solve this question, think about the quadratic equations we have been studying) or telling me #11 was a weird question.

Regardless, it was interesting to see their answers and one student even asked in class if he had to assume that smiley face was positive or not. I was so happy since he understood what was going on! Others though told me it had a maximum because smiley face was positive or because the mouse was positive. Good thing to talk about when I get back from break on Monday!