A cool Algebra II Quadratic Test Question

As I am grading my quadratic tests for my algebra II class I thought this was a really awesome question I made so I figured I would throw it on here. I originally had different symbols but then I was afraid Greek letters would scare my lower level class so I changed it to random fun shapes. The question said the following:

Ruin Equation

(I have no clue how to change to the wingdings font on WordPress so you get a picture instead)

So many of my students came up either asking me what to do (which I replied: you have the knowledge to solve this question, think about the quadratic equations we have been studying) or telling me #11 was a weird question.

Regardless, it was interesting to see their answers and one student even asked in class if he had to assume that smiley face was positive or not. I was so happy since he understood what was going on! Others though told me it had a maximum because smiley face was positive or because the mouse was positive. Good thing to talk about when I get back from break on Monday!


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