What I learned from subbing for the last week of Summer School

This week I took over a classroom for one of my cooperating teachers back when I was student teaching! I spent the whole week basically getting them ready for the final today. I taught for 2 classes for about 2 and 1/2 hours each. Teaching for 5 hours straight can be exhausting and you can get bored so easily (well not me since I am always running around the room like a crazy person).

When times were getting bored I would try to mix things up. Have them stand up and do some math aerobics. Pull out mini whiteboards and have them practice. Make the students go to the board to solve a problem. Use large butcher paper and markers and students would work on problems and post them around the room. Go outside and use chalk to make graphs and then walk around and discuss what we liked and what may need some improvement. Play a game to make things more entertaining.

After doing all of this I am wondering at how often do I make my students get up and switch to something different during the regular school year. I know that I try and always plan to shake things up but I don’t think it happens as often as I like. My advice to myself, and anyone reading this, is try something different and get the students up and moving whenever you can. Your students will thank you.


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