Mission # 1 – Low Effort + High Engagement = Awesome Angles Activity

Note: This is my mission # 1 for the mtbos! You should get involved if you haven’t already! Anyways…

One of problems that I just did with my honors geometry class last week went really well. The activity itself is self-explanatory so the worksheet below sums it nicely. I had students do it in pairs of 2-3 and since this is my honors class, they flew through the first one like nothing. The second one made them think a little more but they still got through it pretty quickly. I really don’t like to do an activity if I have to work harder than the kids to get something done. This activity is the complete opposite! The kids do all the work, they practice all their vocabulary (and it is not kill and drill), and they have fun doing it since it is like a puzzle to them! I highly encourage you to try it out if you are teaching geometry. I can’t remember where I got this from or if I created it myself so if I stole someone else’s thing I apologize in advanced!


6 thoughts on “Mission # 1 – Low Effort + High Engagement = Awesome Angles Activity

  1. I have one geometry class this year. We ended up with angles and transversals and I was wondering how to review after a 2 week break. This looks perfect. They can use their INB’s too. thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I can imagine that the students enjoy that it’s a puzzle and they get to collaborate with others to find the solution. Both great ways to get them acting and thinking mathematically.

  3. This is also a great fit for Common Core Grade 8 (8.G.5). It would also be great for students to “critique the reasoning of others” from the Math Practices. Now I just need to figure out how I can use it with my 7th graders with a different concept! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fun with masking tape and post-its, how can the kids not love it! I am going to use this next year with CC, and send it to our Geometry teacher for this year. I like that it’s a puzzle and how it forces the kids to discuss and debate using math vocabulary. Thanks!

  5. Great Idea! It took me a minute to realize that the objective of the puzzle is for students to number the angles correctly. A fun way to build on this idea could be to have students generate a puzzle and a solution as an assignment that they could trade with a peer.
    I already completed this unit, but I do not think I emphasized the vocabulary enough. I struggle with the importance of the vocabulary over understanding the content, being able to determine angle measures.

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