Things I Need To Accomplish This Summer

Short post today since I see that I am running out of time today but there are some things I want to accomplish this summer and I think a blog post will help me organize my thoughts:

1. Get caught back up in the mtbos! This monthly challenge will really help. (Post #3!) This weekend, I will take a peak at all the other people and their blogs that are joining in on this challenge and hopefully learn some cool new things and meet more amazing math teachers!

2. Read a few books: I have some on my shelf that I need to get caught up on and this summer would be a good time to do that!

3. Continue my Alg 2 curriculum project. I am teaching a lower level Alg 2 again this next year and I am beefing up the course to include more topics and align better with common core. I am the only one who has taught this class previously on the new team so I look forward to continuing to work over the summer to make this course great.

4. Get ready for A/B block scheduling. We have been on 50 minute periods and now moving to 90 minute periods where I see my students every other day. I am worried about less time so I have less material to cover as well as retention since I don’t see students every day. My low level kids are absent quite often so I am concerned that they will have a huge struggle. I bet I can find some mtbos people who have taught on A/B and have some good strategies. If you do, I will be asking for advice in the near future.

5. Organize my desk at school. The drawers of my file cabinets are just a mess. I need to clean it out and be ready for the fresh start of the year … teaching summer school immediately after my school ended has made this last month a complete blur but 2 more weeks left of summer school and I will have more down time. I’m just lucky I have awesome summer school kids.

Here is to a productive summer to get ready for what I hope to be a productive upcoming school year!


3 thoughts on “Things I Need To Accomplish This Summer

  1. As already established on my blog, I am a nerd, so my question is what books are on your ‘to-be-read’ list? 🙂

    And a side-note for Brooke.. she and I worked together this year with Intermediate.. she’s a great collaborator!

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