Teaching Schedule For 14-15

I was able to see which kids I have in my classes next year. Since I was an aide in all sorts of different classes last year, I will be have a bunch of kids that I have been with before in my lower level Algebra 2 classes. This was true this year and it was great so I am really excited to have another bunch of them again this year. Here is what I will be teaching this upcoming school year:

Regular Geometry (Mostly freshmen) – 2 sections

Honors Geometry (All freshmen) – 1 section

Lower Level Algebra 2 – 2 sections

This is the exact schedule I wanted since I taught regular geometry 2 years ago and honors geometry this last year while having the lower level algebra 2 for 2 years in a row. Since we are going to block schedule, I feel more comfortable with having classes that I have at least been through once before.

What are you teaching in the upcoming year (if you know). I would love to find out what you are teaching and maybe we can chat throughout the year!


14 thoughts on “Teaching Schedule For 14-15

  1. Holy cow, I’m teaching the EXACT SAME CLASSES!!! Even the numbers of sections of each are the same! I feel like we need to meet regularly for idea swapping and lesson debriefing.

  2. Sounds like an awesome schedule! I have 4 AP Stat and 1 Forensic Science.. so excited for next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I wish I knew my schedule already! We usually don’t get our student lists until after our workdays have already started. Even though I am an 8th grade teacher, I do teach Foundations of Math II, which has strands of Algebra 2 and Geometry incorporated in. I’m excited for next year! I’m just happy I’m going from 4 preps to 2! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Georgia’s integrated Common Core class. It covers what use to be partially in part of geometry and some of algebra 2. Polynomials, complex numbers, factoring quadratics, solving quadratics by various methods, graphing quadratics in different forms, graphing/writing equations of circles & parabolas in different forms, parallel lines, congruent triangles, similar triangles, proofs, similar polygons, right triangle trig, circle angles/segments/arcs/circumference/area/arc length, volume of solids, Cavalieri’s principle, compound probability, conditional probability, and elementary set theory & notation… Whew! Can you tell that it is jammed packed.

  4. I will be teaching 3 courses Geometry and 3 courses of below level Algebra 2. We will be going back to regular traditional schedule no more block.

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