So I am still grading these factoring quizzes (because I am procrastinating and writing TONS of feedback) and they are not as amazing as I was hoping for. I am not sure what went wrong so now I have to reevaluate everything and re-think my lessons for tomorrow because I don’t feel like I can move on. I hate it when I think a majority of the class has it down and then it somehow slips away and the opposite happens.

What do you do when you teach a concept and then a majority of students don’t do so well? I think I am going to have students do corrections and students who finish early (or have nothing to correct) can work on a quadratic modeling problem while I run around the room helping everyone.

Sorry for the short blog post but now I must plan for tomorrow and I am just low on time. Hopefully I will have something better for you tomorrow (and will probably bug some of you on twitter tomorrow to see if you have better ideas on what to do when this happens).



2 thoughts on “Ugh…Factoring

  1. No words of wisdom, but I understand your frustration 😦 What did you end up doing when you saw them on Monday?

    • I actually gave a new version and had them work together on it. I told them that these scores made me a little dissapointed and I wanted to help them get better so that when I test over this stuff at the end of the week, they are better prepared. They responded well and worked hard to learn it and practice. It was great just being honest with them and they were honest with me on what they still didn’t understand. It went over much better than I thought.

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