Solving Quadratic Equation Sum Race Activity

Dropping the ball yesterday by getting caught up in things means that this has to be a really good post then right?

I did this the other day with my summer school kids and they loved it. I like this type of activity and have made several for all sorts of subjects/topics as well as for all different types of learners. The possibilities are endless.

The document below is what I used (I don’t know if I got this from someone or made it to be honest) and every group decides who is partner A, B, C, and D (so you need a group of four). Then, each member does their own problems but they find the sum of all their answers and then show it to me. I either tell them that they are correct or incorrect. If they are wrong, these must now go back and help/work with each other to figure out what wrong. This really gets them collaborating and working together to find errors. I got to hear some great discussions about how to fix problems as well as the process to solve the equations. These kids are so good at these discussions by now that this just gave them another opportunity to show how awesome they are.

On this particular one, I just gave them all problems that were of equal difficulty. I have in the past, differentiated by having partner A with easier problems and decided who that was going to be. I just felt like almost everyone in the room was on the same playing field at this point so I did not need to do a whole lot of differentiating.

Let me know if you have any questions!


One thought on “Solving Quadratic Equation Sum Race Activity

  1. Seems like a great way to get students to collaborate on what would normally be a repetitive worksheet task. I’ve always struggled to get students to check their own answers, and this looks like it could help with that too. Thanks!

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