Organizing My Filing Cabinents For The Upcoming Year

I recently cleaned out all the old quizzes/tests that I had stored in my file cabinets at school and realized that it was completely disorganized. I am sure that if a student came in and wanted to look at a certain quiz, it would have taken me forever to find it. Especially when students take it late due to absences, I just tend to shove it in the filing cabinet and pretending to organize it later.

I think to prevent this next year I will create a folder for every student. This way, I can just file the quiz for the appropriate student and then have an easy way to find it. This will take a little effort after I am done grading a large stack and the students have seen it, but I feel like this could keep me organized. I needed to write this down so I don’t forget to do this. If I am really smart, maybe I can just assign all my students a number and then next year, I can just reuse the folders and just renumber the students. I can probably think of a smart way to number students since the gradebook automatically numbers all the students in each section. I could even have different colored folders for each section and then number from there. Sometimes I just need to blog for myself and writing it out seemed to help me get my idea down.

Hey Future John, this is a good idea and you should be more organized! Good luck…you will need it!

~ Past John


3 thoughts on “Organizing My Filing Cabinents For The Upcoming Year

  1. You could also have your students file their own tests into their own file folders. If you have room, make a drawer for each section/class. After reviewing or correcting tests have them file it themselves. Also handy for conferences

  2. I agree with your last statement… writing does help us get things straight. That’s one reason I want to incorporate more writing in my classes.

  3. I like the idea of writing a note to my future self using the blog. I tend to forget things, so an archive of sorts is helpful. I’ve done the folder for each student system, and it takes up less time than I thought it would. Great for parent conferences too.

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