Awesome Things This Last Week

I am so bad at this keep on top of blogging thing. My life has been so hectic that I can’t wait for Thanksgiving because I will have a few days off of school and I get to spend some time with family which is always great!

1. We had parent teacher conferences last week and again tomorrow. I can’t believe the number of parents that told me how I am doing such a great job and really want to find out ways to help their child succeed. It is so great when we can all work together.

2. My geometry students rocked their geometry test. We did an awesome review activity the class period before and I think that helped solidify concepts for many of them (I totally have to blog about that!).

3. I didn’t have school today so I got to get caught up with some grad school things as well as some papers that needed to be graded.

4. I got an A in my midterm for my discrete math grad class. I am hoping the final in less than two weeks goes just as well!

5. Two students from last year bought me a taco….why? Because they thought I was a good teacher from last year and I deserved one! It was hilarious and awesome at the same exact time. This is why I teach….to get tacos!


I hope that whoever is reading this is finding some good things going on in school/life as well. I think we can all get caught up in the negatives sometimes that it is hard to see the positives. I need to focus on those as I truck through this crazy year with way too many things going on. How do some people handle being this busy all the time? I am always reading others blogs and wonder how they can keep posting? Life always seems to get in my way!