Contemplating Comments

Block scheduling, grad school, new books for courses, new students, life….I feel like I have so many reasons why this school year is especially grueling for me. I always feel like I am playing catch up and with break, I finally feel like I have some breathing room. Hopefully I can keep it up with a post a week…I actually put it in my calendar as a task. For some reason, that seems to help me get things done when an alarm is going off telling me to do it now! A new year is right around the corner and new resolutions…like staying on top of blogging and grading! Speaking of grading….

This stack of tests/quizzes are staring me down from across the room and as I pretend to grade them (make the answer key and then get distracted to do something else) I wonder how useful will they be to my students….

  • Will they remember what they were thinking two weeks ago?
  • If I make note of an error will they bother to look at it?
  • Can students remember how they tackled a problem if it has been two long?
  • Will writing a lot of comments be helpful or just clutter the page?
  • If I went over how to do all the problems in class be more or less beneficial than writing comments?

Michael Pershan’s ( has been exploding with feedback discussion and it has been making me think what would be most helpful to students? Generally, I give the feedback asap so that way it is still fresh but I wonder how much effort I should put in over break if they might not even remember what they did in the first place. Are these comments going to help anyone but me?