Grueling Grading

With some time this week having Monday as a professional day and today as the ACT day, I have had some time to think about stuff so I figured…why not blog?

I have been thinking about grading lately since I had a huge pile of papers to catch up on over this weekend (don’t worry, I am all caught up as of today!). These are just some ponderings that I don’t really have the answers to:

  • Green Vs Red Pen
    • Does it matter if I grade in a positive color versus a negative one?
    • Are student’s self-esteem lowered if they see a bloody red paper versus one that looks like St. Patrick’s Day came way too early this year?
  • Stickers on students paper
    • If I start the beginning of the year putting them on papers, students seem to like
    • If I don’t start at the beginning of the year, nobody asks for them
    • If I start doing it and then stop, they complain and what their sticker
    • Is a sticker worth my time? What benefits does it really have?
  • Positive Vs Negative points
    • If I put a +4 on a problem versus a -2, does that make a difference?
    • Will a student actually look for their mistake if I do one way or the other?

Are students more or less inclined to read my comments I spent a lot of time doing if any of the above are followed or not followed? Maybe I need to explore more of this but just a brain dump for right now…



2 thoughts on “Grueling Grading

  1. My thoughts:

    Someone told me long ago that students begin to have a negative reaction to the color red due to it being used to indicate mistakes on their work. Personally, I switch up the colors I use each time I grade. Sometimes red, but also green, purple, blue, orange, pink, etc.

    I don’t use stickers, but sometimes a stamp. Particularly if it’s just some classwork I collected that I just need to mark as “complete” and move on. They love the stamps. Particularly, I think, because I only do it on 2-3 assignments a year.

    I started doing +4 vs. -2 when I’m grading several years ago. I find, if nothing else, it keeps my mood more positive while I’m grading. Except the dreaded +0, of course.

    Glad you found a little time to think this week!

    • I like your idea of switching up the colors! I think that some of my students may feel the same way about green as they would about red since I never change it.

      The dreaded zero…haha.

      Thanks for the comments!!!

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