POTW – Fun Triangle Proof

Proof Problem.PNG

What this is: I am going to highlight problems I used with my honors geometry students that I thought were valuable. You can see all posts in this series here. I am taking no claim that these are necessarily original as I might have stolen them from many of you reading this!

How I used it: This was a problem on a quiz I gave.

What is it: This was how I tested to see if my kids could prove triangles congruent using more than one pair in your proof.

Why I like it: There are so many different ways to solve this problem so it made it quite interesting. Some saw other different pairs of triangles than others so it lead to some great discussion when I passed it back. Talking about how to prove isosceles and what is enough to show is also interesting to see what they think.

Let me know if you used this and how it went!


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