Amplifying Awards

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Note: I am participating in a blogging challenge for the month of August. Learn about how you can participate here. Send me a tweet and let me know if you are participating!

My last blog post was about giving more thanks in forms of writing a card. I loved how many people contacted me and shared their ideas about how they give thanks to others. I love when someone takes something I posted about and gives me several more great ideas.

With everything others shared, it has inspired me to find ways to praise students more often for things they are doing in the classroom. I learned about a couple of different things one can do at TMC18. Elissa Miller is going to do this with brag bracelets you can read about here. Allison Krasnow does this through stickers you can read about here. Both of these are awesome ideas and I am going to try something similar.

I know that bracelets are not really my thing and keeping track of all those different stickers when I travel and teach in different rooms will be too much and then I won’t end up following through with it. I have decided to make a few cards that will let kids know I am proud of them for a few different things that have happened in class.

Perserving ProTeam titan AwardWord Wizard Award

I am going to print out a few sets and keep them with me. I can pass them out to kids whenever I feel like it would be good to give one out. I will not even say anything and just put it on the kids desk or hand it out to them as they are leaving class. I am excited to use these this year.

Find the files here for your own use. Let me know if you use them or plan to use something else for your classroom!


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