About Me

Hello! My name is John O’Malley IV (I am technically the fourth so I have a huge chip on my shoulder!) and I love what I do. Teaching high school math to various levels of students has been awesome and I am excited that every year is a new chance to hopefully inspire some new students. I have taught all different levels of algebra, advanced algebra or algebra II, and geometry. Hopefully the things I post are worthwhile and feel free to let me know how to improve on anything at all!

The people who know me have learned that I have a crazy high amount of energy and it comes out while teaching. I think that if I am having fun and excited about what I am teaching, the students will be too. I love having my students get active and involved in the learning process. Anytime I can have my students working together to solve a tough problem or participating in some activity or lab is a good time to me. I also get really into different review activities that I hope to find more of and share as well. I truly enjoy teaching students of all levels and request to teach a low-level class every year. I feel students in these classes get counted out when in my opinion, just have not had a good math experience and I aim to change their minds. Hope this helps you get some insight into who I am. Let me know if I can help in anyway since I have learned from so many of you!

Teaching This Year:

  • Honors Geometry – 1 Section (Freshmen)
  • Regular Geometry – 2 Sections (Mostly freshmen with a few sophomores)
  • Low-Level Algebra II – 2 Sections (Mostly juniors with a few seniors and sometimes a sophomore)

Send me a tweet @jomalleyiv. I can also be reached by e-mail here: johnomalley826@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

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