Domain + Range Pictionary Game


I was productive today and made a binder for the class I taught over summer school. I put all the materials in order of how I used them, with corresponding answer keys, so that I can look back over it if I ever teach this class again or want to snag an idea from there. I like having everything in a binder because it makes it so easy to flip through and look at everything you have done. Then, I can always find the corresponding activity in my electronic files.

Anyways, one of the activities I did that made me laugh when I looked at it again was a domain and range pictionary springboard motivator activity. I am sure I stole this from someone online but I have no idea who…not trying to steal your work but it is awesome! Before I even talked about domain and range I cut out the pictures below and gave each pair of students a little pile of them. I then had one student describe the drawing while the other student had to attempt to draw an accurate picture. The only guidelines I gave was that they had to only use words and could not use any hand gestures. I had the students put up a divider and face each other so they couldn’t see what their partner was drawing for an extra challenge.

This was so much fun for the kiddos and I enjoyed watching them struggle to explain to their partner what to draw. We talked about it afterwards and what strategies worked/didn’t. The things that came up included the following:

  • Vocabulary: Increasing/Decreasing, Max + Min, Zeros, Intercepts, etc. We talked about how knowing the correct definition helped.
  • Strategy of just plotting points. Some students said they tried just telling their partner to plot a whole bunch of points and connect with a curve. I picked one of the continuous graphs and asked if you could name every single point. Most students said yes and listed all the integer ones. It was great to clear up the misconception that their are an infinite number of points. Some students were still a little mystified at that concept but I think by the end of the course they got it. This was only day 2…
  • Students brought up that you had to stay within the certain x and y values….BOOM. Gotcha….now I was able to introduce domain and range and talk about how we use this in math to only denote certain values. They said that makes sense…so then we moved on to doing some examples.

I love things like this that even though it is not “real world” it makes my students see a need for this. I have just realized that I could use this to motivate the discussion of basic graph vocab with my lower-level juniors at the beginning of the school year….YES. I could just modify a few and make some graphs that would make sense for them.