Fixing Some Common Errors

As I am enjoying break right now and thinking about some of the errors that my students have, it reminded me of this common error activity I did with my students. I went in with a whole story of how I really need some help and you (the students) need to help me! They all got in groups and discussed what I had did wrong. These were all mistakes that I have seen way to many times and I didn’t want them to occur on our summative assessment I had planned later in the week. I selected a few students to show everyone the correct way and explain why my way was wrong. Other students would even jump in sometimes to add other stuff. I am thinking about doing something like this again as we get ready for finals so I figured I would share it.

Chapter 4 Common Errors (Review For Chap 4 Test)


My First Post…Here Goes Nothing!

So, this is what it feels like to have your own blog…fancy.

I have no clue who is going to read this but I hope that I can accomplish the following things

  • Get feedback from other educators on how to improve upon my lessons
  • Obtain other ideas from people who have a lot more knowledge then I do
  • Become a part of the math blogging world that I have been watching from afar this year

That’s all I got…so yeah. Woot!