TMC Tsunami – Hit With A Huge Wave

TMC 18 has come and gone. I have had some time to reflect about what I learned and how it went. This was my second year at TMC and I am not sure how but it was even better than my first in Atlanta.

After getting off the plane that had no working lavatory (thank goodness for teacher bladders), I was worried that would be a sign of an awful trip. I immediately ran into a bunch of people. At the hotel, I ran into another group and we all ventured for dinner. I was impressed to see so many, that I met last year, and it was like we never lost touch. As someone who considers themself introverted and can hide in the background, it was so great interacting with my twitter friends that it made the trip amazing. I had great conversations throughout the entire trip and always felt welcomed.

Throughout all my sessions, I felt like I had been hit with a huge wave of ideas and my brain was so full! I have been pondering how to deal with the Tsunami of ideas and what I want to change for next year. I think my one main goal this year is to be intentional.

  • Be intentional with using debate techniques in the classroom.
  • Be more intentional with spiraling material to make it stick
  • Be intentional with utilizing technology.
    • Try to play with CL and geometry more this year
  • Be more intentional with giving and receiving feedback

What will you be intentional with this school year?